Two sides have an only child

If in the past one family could have 10 children or even more, now it is not uncommon for couples who only have one child, aka an only child. Now having an only child can be considered normal. Many couples choose to raise an only child, because it is caused by economic factors, the rising cost of living, and also the factor of infertility. Pros and Cons of Having a Single Child A study has revealed that about half of single children are more likely to suffer from being overweight. However, it all depends on how parents take care of their children. If they give children a balanced nutritious diet, and adopt a healthy lifestyle, then the child will not be obese. However, if parents are obese, then the possibility of their children, both single and not, will be at high risk of obesity. Apart from the possibility of genetic factors, this is also influenced by eating habits in the house. Some psychologists prefer to have more than one child, if it is still considered capable. This r
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